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Tendril™ Tie

Monkeys do it. Plants do it. You can do it.

While “wireless” is the buzz today, cords still dominate electronics in all facets of our life. There are some solutions out there, but many are clumsy, unpractical, and, well, messy. Tendril™ is the only cord management and storage solution that is efficient, easy-to-use, and, well, kinda cute. The design is simple and intuitive, making Tendril™ a cord management and storage device usable for everyone.


home / work

TVs, computers, gaming consoles, extension cords, power tools, copiers, printers, etc.

on the stage

guitar/sound cords, mic cords, amp cords, pedal cords


more creative uses, e.g. staking tomato plants


Prehensile animals (the delightful little boogers that hang by their tails) and twining stem plants inspire our technology. Your Tendril™ Tie has two “tails” – the small one stays conveniently attached to your cord, the larger one keeps the slack tidy or can be used to store it all away. The patent-pending design and highly-engineered construction make Tendril™ the last product you will need to manage the cords in your life.


The Tendril™ is simple to use and is a significant upgrade from wire ties. I have reused it multiple times to hold my computer wires, television cords, and even my gym bag together. If you’ve ever used a wire or cable tie then you must try the tendril to fully understand my elegant experience.


Shar Govindan,
TEDx Speaker

I first learned about the tendril in the early nineties. I have used them for cable and hose management. They also make a fun and interesting key fobs. Personally, in addition to the functional features of the Tendril™ tie, I like the look and feel of the material they are made from. This is a great product that I wholeheartedly recommend.


Philip FitzSimons, Ph.D.,
Founder, FitzSimons Automation, Inc.

I would love to see Tendril™ Ties included with power supply cables for electronics. It has the superiority factor that is lacking in other cable management products.


Robert Trawick,
Senior Software Engineer

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